Tree Care

Tree Care, Tree Pruning, Tree Cabling and Tree Maintenance in Chester County and and surrounding areas

Tree Pruning

In a forest, the conditions for the health and growth of trees are far superior than those in an urban or suburban setting. Safety and appearance are also a concern for property owners.

Whatever the reason for pruning a tree, it is important for it to be done with an understanding of how the tree responds to each cut. Improper pruning can cause damage that will last for the duration of the tree’s life. Poor pruning can even speed up the decline or death or our trees.

At Arbortech Tree Care Services, our employees have been trained in proper pruning technique. Our pruning meets the highest industry standards, assuring your trees are happy and healthy!

tree care

Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing

In some cases, a structurally defective tree may not have to be removed. With a combination of cabling, bracing, and pruning, a structurally defective tree may be safe enough to remain standing.

At Arbortech Tree Care Services, you can count on our experts to give you sound advice. We’ll let you know if your tree must be removed, or we’ll execute a game plan to help keep your trees standing.

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