Tree Removal

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Chester County, PA

Tree Removal

Any tree, dead or living, that poses a threat to people or property, should be cabled or removed. But when there is no clear danger, the decision to remove a tree can be complicated. Our experts will give you sound advice weather or not your tree should be removed.

Certain trees have aggressive root systems that can seek out cracks in outdoor hardscapes or foundations in your home. In some cases, animals or insects may burrow into the trunk of a tree may cause structural weaknesses. Sometimes, achieving a desired aesthetic (more light, open space, etc.) may require the removal of a healthy tree.

Whatever the case, the decision to remove a healthy tree can be a tough one. You can count on our arborists to help you understand the options, and to help you make the most informed decision for your situation.

tree removal

Stump Removal/Stump Grinding

After removing a tree on your property, you will, unfortunately, be left to deal with the remaining stump. Some people choose to leave the tree stump to rot away naturally, but most elect to have it removed. 

Because old tree stumps not only look bad, they also attract unwanted pests, spread diseases (especially if the tree was removed because it was sick), get in the way of your lawnmower, and some resprout into a new (and ugly) tree. A rotting stump can be dangerous – not to mention a major tripping hazard!

stump grinding
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